Types of Winter Jacket 2023 – These Winters Keep Yourself Warm In Style

In fashion, there are various layers that make up an outfit. These layers can be functional, like a tank top under a blazer, or different types of winter jacket layered on tshirts or dresses. The outermost layer is known as the “topper” – this is the piece that pulls the whole look together and makes the final statement. Jackets for men and women are a type of topper that not only keep you warm but also make for great fashion pieces.

When it comes to purchasing a winter jacket, there are many factors to consider before you can find the right one among the countless jacket brands in India. With so many different types of jackets on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. In this blog we discuss types of winter jacket styles so you are fully informed before you purchase one!

Different Types of Winter Jacket – Become an Expert!

Now that you know the basics of winter jackets, it’s time to learn about the different types of winter jacket:

1. Tweed Jacket

tweed jacket
OccasionFormal and Semi-formal
Pair WithDenim or leather pants/skirts, pencil skirts, pleated skirts, tweed skirts

Tweed jackets are stylish and simple to pair. In the middle of the season, this fabric is timeless, elegant, and incredibly adaptable to current fashion trends.

If you love to blend styles, jeans or leather pants are your best friends. However, if you choose to go for a more serious and classic look, pleated pants or a pencil skirt go great with the jacket. To enhance formality, the tweed jacket is the ideal accessory.

2. Varsity Jacket

varsity jacket
Pair WithJeans, pants, short and long skirts, shorts, and dresses

A varsity jacket (also known as a “letterman” jacket) is a style of jacket that dates back to the 1930s. It is most commonly associated with American jock culture. These types of winter jacket are usually made of wool and have leather sleeves. They often feature the logo or mascot of the team or school that the person wearing it represents.

Varsity jackets are seen as a symbol of achievement and status, and they are often worn by athletes and other high-achieving students. In recent years, the varsity jacket has become popular among celebrities and fashionistas, helping to make it a trendier and more mainstream piece of clothing. Whether you’re a student, an athlete, or just someone who wants to look stylish, a varsity jacket is a great option.

3. Down Jacket

down jacket
OccasionFormal and Casual
Pair WithJeans, skirts, shorts, pants, long skirt, and dresses

The down jacket has seen a surge in popularity in recent years as a fashionable and functional item making it a must have among different types of winter jackets. Its quilted design and insulation make it ideal for cold weather, and its light weight makes it easy to layer with other clothing. The down jacket is also known for its durability, making it a wise investment for anyone who wants to stay warm and stylish for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for a casual piece to throw on for errands or a more formal option for special occasions, the down jacket is a versatile choice that is sure to keep you comfortable all season long.

4. Peacoat

OccasionFromal and Semi-formal
Pair WithPants and denim jeans

A peacoat is a coat that is double-breasted and made of a coarse woollen cloth. It is a coat that is worn by sailors. The peacoat has a lot of history behind it. The origins of the peacoat can be traced back to the 17th century. The Dutch East India Company was the first to issue this type of coat to its sailors.

The name “pea coat” came about because the coats were made from a type of coarse woollen cloth called “pilot cloth” which was used to make sails for ships. Over time, the style of the peacoat has changed very little. The peacoat is still a popular choice for sailors and others who work outdoors in cold weather. It is also a popular choice for fashion-conscious men and women who appreciate its classic style.

5. Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket
OccasionSemi-formal and Casual
Pair WithJeans, pants, skirts and shorts

A bomber jacket is a short jacket that is tightly gathered at the waist and cuffs by elasticated bands and a more casual types of winter jacket. It typically has a zip front. Bomber jackets were originally worn by pilots and other members of the military. They were designed to keep the wearer warm at high altitudes.

Today, bomber jackets are a popular fashion item. They are often made from leather or denim. Bomber jackets are available in a variety of colors, including black, brown, and red.

6. Parka

parka jacket
OccasionSemi-formal and Casual
Pair WithPants, jeans and denim skirt

The parka coat is ideal for those who want to be well dressed without neglecting comfort. This piece has been gaining more and more space in the fashion market and realising that it is a great option for everyday looks.

An advantage of these types of winter jacket styles is that they can be found in different colours, from the most classic black to more daring tones. If you are looking for a coat that is both stylish and practical, the parka is a great option. It will keep you warm on cold days and give you a touch of elegance at the same time.

7. Moto Jacket

Moto Jacket
OccasionSemi-formal and Casual
Pair WithJeans, pants, skirts, and dresses

The moto jacket is a timeless piece that has been around for decades. It is the perfect mix of edge and style, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The most common features of a moto jacket are a belted waist and an asymmetrical zipper in the front.

However, there are also many different styles and materials that these jackets can come in. Whether you are looking for something classic or trendy, there is definitely a moto jacket out there for you. So next time you are looking for the perfect outerwear piece, be sure to consider the moto jacket. You will not be disappointed.

8. Overcoat

OccasionFormal, Semi-formal and Casual
Pair WithJeans, pants, skirts, shorts, and dresses

When the weather starts to turn chilly, an overcoat is the perfect way to keep warm. But an overcoat isn’t just a functional piece of clothing – it can also be a stylish statement. An overcoat can instantly transform any outfit, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement. And because they come in such a wide variety of styles, there’s an overcoat to suit any taste.

From sleek and simple designs to more ornate options, there’s an overcoat for everyone. So next time the temperature drops, don’t forget to reach for your overcoat. It might just be your new favorite piece of clothing.

9. Waxed Canvas Jacket

Waxed Canvas Jacket
Pair WithJeans, short and long skirts, shorts

A waxed canvas jacket is the perfect way to keep yourself protected from the elements while still looking stylish. The fabric is made of 100% cotton that has been treated with a special wax coating. This makes it resistant to water, wind, and other external conditions. The coatings also give the fabric a unique textured look and feel, and while these are more casual types of winter jacket, they are a must-have.

Waxed canvas jackets are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one to suit your personality. Whether you’re looking for a classic trench coat or a more modern bomber jacket, a waxed canvas jacket is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to stay warm and dry in style.

10. Trench Coat

trench coat
OccasionFormal, Semi formal and Casual
Pair WithJeans, Pants, Skirts, Dresses and Trousers

A trench coat is an excellent investment for your wardrobe. This is a timeless garment that is remade every season in different cuts and colours, but always with that characteristic British coat cut and fitted waist, which makes it a must that goes with everything. A trench coat will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making it a versatile piece that you can wear year-round.

It’s also a switch-up from the standard jacket or cardigan, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. When shopping for a trench coat, be sure to try on different styles to find the one that best suits your figure. And don’t be afraid to experiment with colour – a bright trench coat can add a pop of fun to any look.

11. Hooded Jacket

hooded jacket
Pair WithJeans, skirts, dresses and shorts

A Hooded Jacket is a long overcoat that usually goes down to the knees or lower. It has a large hood that can be pulled over the head, and often has a drawstring to tighten it around the face. This type of jacket is very popular in cold weather, as it helps to keep the wearer warm and dry. Hooded Jackets are often made from waterproof or water-resistant materials, making them ideal for wet climates.

They are also typically made from heavy fabrics such as wool or denim, which provides additional warmth. Hooded Jackets come in a variety of styles, from simple and utilitarian to trendy and fashion-forward. No matter what your personal style, there is sure to be a Hooded Jacket that is perfect for you.

12. Blazer

OccasionFormal and Semi-formal
Pair WithPants, Jeans, Skirts etc

Blazers are one of the most versatile pieces in a closet and must-have types of winter jacket. They can be worn as a suit with the corresponding bottom garment, or they can be worn with another garment to create a more creative look. Blazers can also be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any occasion.

When choosing a blazer, it is important to consider the fabric and the fit. A well-fitting blazer will flatter your figure and make you look professional and put-together. The right fabric will also add texture and interest to your outfit. With so many options available, there is sure to be a blazer that is perfect for you.

13. Denim Jacket

denim jacket
OccasionSemi-fromal and Informal
Pair WithPants, gowns, short dresses, denim jeans

Another timeless classic that never goes out of style is denim jacket looks. Denim jackets come in a variety of styles, of course. The models from the 1990s are broad, oversized silhouettes with bobo necklines, wide sleeves, or patterns.

For the most casual occasions, nothing beats a comprehensive denim ensemble, but a denim jacket can also be worn with an evening gown. Although it eliminates formality, it is perfect. There are models with additional features that really elevate this outfit.

14. Leather Jacket

leather jacket
OccasionSemi-formal and Casual
Pair WithJeans, denim skirt, long/short skirts, shorts and pants

Leather jackets are a classic wardrobe staple that never goes out of style. But with so many different styles and designs to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? First, consider your measurements and the size of the garment. You want a jacket that fits well and flatters your figure, without being too tight or too loose. Second, think about the type of leather you prefer.

There are many different types of leather, from traditional cowhide to more exotic materials like snakeskin or ostrich. Each type has its own unique characteristics, so choose the one that best suits your needs. Third, take into account the maintenance required for the particular type of leather you select. Some types of leather require special care and treatment, so be sure to research the care instructions before making your purchase. By keeping these things in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect leather jacket from the many leather jacket brands to add to your wardrobe.

15. Fleece Jacket

fleece jacket
Pair WithTrousers, joggers, leggings and jeans

A fleece jacket is a great choice for everyday wear. It’s lightweight and comfortable, yet still provides warmth on chilly days. The synthetic “wool” fabric is also easy to care for – just toss it in the washing machine when it needs a refresh. Plus, it’s an affordable option compared to other types of jackets.

Whether you’re looking for a casual piece to throw on over a t-shirt or something a little nicer to wear out on the town, a fleece jacket is a great choice. So why not give these types of winter jacket a try? You just might be surprised at how much you like it.

16. Wind Cheater

wind cheater
Pair WithTrousers, joggers, leggings and jeans

We all know what it’s like to be caught in a gust of wind. Your hair gets blown around, your clothes start to feel heavy and wet, and you start to shiver uncontrollably. It’s not a pleasant experience. But if you’re prepared with a wind cheater, you can stay warm and dry no matter how strong the wind is blowing. A wind cheater is a type of jacket or coat that’s specifically designed to protect you from the elements.

The material is usually water resistant or waterproof, and the fits snugly around your body to keep out any drafts. Windcheaters typically have a hood to keep your head warm, and some also have drawstrings at the waist and hem to help seal out the cold. If you’re looking for a piece of outerwear that will keep you comfortable in all kinds of weather, a wind cheater is definitely worth considering. And who knows? With the right style, you might even find yourself looking forward to a little windy weather.

17. Quilted Jacket

quilted jacket
OccasionSemi-casual and Casual
Pair WithJeans, dark coloured pants, leggings, dresses and skirts

A quilted jacket is a waist-length or hip-length coat filled with a thick soft material, usually sewn into diamond-shaped sections. The jacket is often worn as a layer of clothing to keep the body warm, especially in cold weather. The quilting helps to provide insulation by trapping air between the layers of fabric. Quilted jackets come in a variety of styles, from light and sporty to heavy and sophisticated.

They can be made from a variety of materials, including down, cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers. In recent years, quilted jackets have become popular as fashion items, and many designers now offer their own take on the style. Whether you’re looking for function or fashion, a quilted jacket is sure to keep you warm all winter long.

Which Fabric To Look Out For?

There are a wide variety of materials used for jackets, depending on the style and purpose of the jacket. Some of the most common materials used include cotton, denim, leather, wool, cashmere, fleece, and synthetic fabrics.


A fluffy, soft, excellent insulator, naturally occurring fibre that is also dyeable in a wide range of hues, cotton is excellent for jackets. However, it does not provide adequate wind protection and is not waterproof. Denim is a sturdy cotton twill fabric that is often used for jackets. Denim jackets are typically casualwear, but can also be dressed up with the right accessories.


Leather jackets are made from, you guessed it, leather! They are usually more expensive than other types of jackets, but can last for many years if properly cared for. Leather jackets come in a variety of styles, from classic bomber jackets to trendy moto jackets.


Wool jackets are perfect for chilly weather. They are often made with a water-repellant outer layer to keep you dry in wet conditions. Wool can also be used as a lining for other types of jackets, such as denim or leather.


Cashmere is a luxurious material that is often used for high-end jackets. It is extremely soft and warm, making it perfect for chilly weather. However, cashmere is also quite delicate. It can be easily damaged if not treated properly.


Fleece is another popular material for jackets. It is less expensive than cashmere and more durable, making it a good choice for everyday wear. Fleece is also very warm, making it ideal for cold weather.


Shearling is a material that is made from sheepskin. It is typically used for more expensive jackets. Shearling is extremely warm and durable, making it ideal for very cold weather or for outdoor activities.


Synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, are often used in sportswearm activewear and various types of winter jacket. These materials are durable and easy to care for, making them ideal for jackets that will see a lot of wear and tear.

No matter what material you choose, make sure it is the right weight and thickness for the season and the type of activity you’ll be using your jacket for. A heavy wool coat won’t be much use on a hiking trail, but a lightweight nylon windbreaker will be perfect for a walk on a breezy day. Choose the material that will provide the right amount of warmth and protection for your needs.


Types of Winter Jacket – FAQs

Which types of winter jacket styles are good for India?

Depending on where you are in India, you’ll need different types of winter jacket styles. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll need a thicker, more insulated jacket. However, if you live in a milder climate, you can get away with a thinner, more stylish jacket. Second, you need to think about your personal style. Do you prefer a classic look, or are you more trendy? Third, you need to think about how much money you’re willing to spend. Keeping these in mind, you can pick one of the many types of jackets for winter discussed in the blog above.

Do puffer jackets keep you warm?

Puffer jackets are a type of winter coat that is designed to provide warmth and insulation. The coats are usually made from synthetic materials such as down or fiberfill, which trap heat and help to keep the body warm. These types of jackets typically have a quilted construction, which further helps to trap heat and prevent it from escaping.

Types of Winter Jacket – Conclusion

Now that you know the different types of winter jacket, it’s time to choose the right one for you. Consider what activities you’ll be doing and what kind of weather you’ll be facing. If you need a versatile jacket that can handle a variety of conditions, go for a 3-in-1 jacket. If you’re looking for something warmer, choose a down jacket. And if you need a waterproof jacket, be sure to get one with a good waterproof rating. With so many options on the market, you’re sure to find the perfect winter jacket for your needs. Thanks for reading!

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