10 must-haves to add to your summer wardrobe in 2023

The summer always brings with it the desire for change, vitality and colors: we abandon the dark and winter shades to be carried away by pastel shades, colored prints and delicate fabrics. And to renew the wardrobe but, at the same time, be in line with the diktats of the season ‘s fashion, it is important to make a selection of the trends most in line with our style and of the must-have items according to spring summer 2022 fashion.

10 must-haves to add to your summer wardrobe in 2023

Here then is a guide to trends badged spring summer 2022 and on garments, colors and accessories essential that cannot miss in our wardrobe.


1. Jeans

Jeans are an essential item in every woman’s wardrobe: versatile and loved by everyone, because they can be easily combined and comfortable. Buying a pair of jeans often seems like a difficult task. In reality, it is enough to follow a few tips to understand which models suit you and choose the one that highlights your silhouette. Once you have found the one that best suits your figure, you can easily buy your favorite women’s jeans online, with a wide choice of models and at competitive prices. One of the best portals to shop for jeans or any other fashion apparels & accessories is Ajio. Those ordering from Ajio for the first time can use the ajio first order coupon to earn additional discounts on their purchases. Returning Ajio customers can use the active ajio bank offers to save some monies on their purchases.

If you have generous curves, enhance them with bootcut or flared jeans, preferring those with a high waist, or opt for boyfriend jeans that have a regular cut and fit and that remain soft on the hips. In addition to the model, also pay attention to the fabric. The more rigid ones are suitable for lean and androgynous figures, while the lighter jeans are suitable for more rounded shapes. Also, remember that dark colors have a slimming optical effect, while the light ones dilate the shapes.

White Dress

2. White dress

The white dress is an evergreen dress with a basic and minimalist style, that, regardless of the passing trends of every summer, always remains glamorous and elegant. It can be combined in the most varied ways and will always be perfect for adding a cool touch to warm summer evenings.

If you go to the beach, for example, you can opt for a broderie anglaise lace minidress to wear with flip flops, bag and straw hat. If you go out with friends for a walk downtown, you might think of a shirt dress with sneakers or with camperos boots, while stilettos are a must for a gala evening.

In short, total white looks are very particularly versatile, so you just need to put your creativity into motion to give free rein to your style. Depending on your needs, you can choose to make them “minimal” or surprising with some flashy accessories.

Bermuda Shorts

3. Bermuda shorts

Say goodbye to mini shorts and tight-fitting cyclists; this year the short pants to focus on is the bermuda, possibly soft and oversize, knee-length or three-quarter length. The coolest models are those to wear with a high waist, with hippie-style belts or the oversized ones to be worn curled. If you want advice on the combination, we suggest you opt for an oversized garment for the top, so as to make the outfit more harmonious.

As for shoes, always choose models with a little heel to slim the figure, especially if you are not very tall. Go ahead, then, for mules and sandals with medium or high heels, depending on your taste and your needs.

Being usually soft, Bermuda shorts suit curvy women very well. Choose them shorter or longer, depending on how much you want to uncover the legs, and combine them with a low-cut blouse to enhance the décolleté.

White Sneakers

4. White sneakers

If you don’t have a pair of white sneakers in your wardrobe, we recommend starting with a pair of basic white sneakers, the quintessence of chic minimalism. There are many simple and basic models and they have many common characteristics. First of all, the sole must be strictly super flat! Trust us, the basic white sneakers are your fashion ally to wear when you don’t know what to wear, being so versatile and easy to combine with any type of look.

These shoes, minimal and chic, are perfect for completing different types of looks, including those made with clothing with a refined and feminine style, such as long dresses, pleated skirts, high-waisted trousers and so on.

Mule Sandals

5. Mule sandals

Mule sandals, or those sabots that leave the heel and toe uncovered, are the trendiest shoes of the year. The trendiest mule models have a square toe and medium or low heel and can be worn with daytime looks or to complete more glamorous evening looks.

Platform mules add a vintage and glamorous touch to any look, as long as they are combined in the right way. They are perfect with flared or wide-leg jeans, very high-waisted and extra-long models, but they also go well with long denim skirts, preferably those with a central slit. You can choose between the “classic” variants with the column heel, the lower and more comfortable ones, those with the strap behind the ankle, the important thing is to focus on the one that best suits your style.


6. Sunglasses

To complete a summer look, it is practically a must to combine a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses represent that extra touch, that detail that can make the difference. Think about how much a basic outfit can be embellished and made unique with a pair of original and showy sunglasses. So, just choose a particular model that fits your face and follows the trends of the moment.

This summer the “must have” models are elegant and refined, like the sunglasses with tapered cat-shaped lines, retro and timeless, like those with tortoiseshell frames, modern and with a hippie flavor, such as those with colored lenses and those with lenses “super round”. Some popular styles of the past are back in fashion, such as aviators, the famous teardrop glasses, and masks in pure 90s style.

A White T-Shirt

7. A white t-shirt

It is a simple and essential garment, an evergreen that never goes out of fashion because it is versatile and perfect for different occasions. If combined in the right way it can be super glamorous and suitable for parties and evening events too. In addition, it is good for everyone and adapts to different body types. It is comfortable, fresh and perfect for fighting the summer heat.

For the day and in the city, it is possible to combine a white T-shirt cut or tied at the waist with high-waisted jeans in 90s style. Also very cool are oversized t-shirts combined with cycling pants and skinny jeans. In this way, it is possible to create a particular contrast between slim lines and extra-large lines. Even at the beach, this garment can be worn as a minidress with low sandals and straw bags or over high-waisted shorts and Bermuda shorts with a flared shirt.

Denim Skirt

8. Denim skirt

The garment that cannot be missing in your summer wardrobe is undoubtedly the denim skirt. Short, long or midi, the denim skirt is a real must have for the summer. The denim skirt is extremely versatile, and you can not only wear it for a casual and sporty look but also for a bon ton and chic outfit.

For casual looks, you can combine your denim skirt with a light-colored sneaker and a white t-shirt, also perfect for highlighting your tan. White is always a winning combination with jeans, whether it’s a crop top to combine with a high-waisted skirt or a blouse to make the look more elegant.

If your skirt touches the knee and is flared, you can choose to wear a fitted top in a dark color. Choose it slightly low-cut with a three-quarter sleeve and combine it with a tone-on-tone jewel sandal. For holiday looks, the denim skirt is perfect to combine with tops that leave the shoulders uncovered: ideal both to highlight the tan and to give a touch of sensuality to your look.


9. Espadrilles

Those who think of the summer wardrobe have before their eyes the image of a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit, of colorful and noisy anklets and sunglasses in all colors and patterns. But the much-loved espadrilles, the must-have shoes for summer, also smell of wind, sea and days that are getting longer. Light, comfortable and above all trendy, they cannot be missing in your wardrobe.

Espadrilles, in addition to being practical and comfortable, also have another advantage: they combine easily. They are perfect under long dresses and skirts in the ultra-flat version for a romantic yet elegant look. Combined with jeans and blouses in the slip-on version they are ideal for the morning, in the pump version with ankle strap and top, on the other hand, they are the best choice for a summer dinner, both on the beach and in the city.


10. Jumpsuits

With the summer the jumpsuit returns to be one of the most popular garments for its versatility and for its extreme practicality. Comfortable, fresh, and comfortable, it can be worn both for formal occasions and for evenings with friends. The rule to wear it perfectly, however, is to choose the right model based on the shape of your body.

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From cut-out dresses to cropped trousers, passing through espadrilles and micro bags, the above-mentioned items cannot be missing in the wardrobe to be in line with 2022 fashion trends.

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