10 Best Men’s Fashion Rules That’ll Make You Look Dapper Every Day

More and more men are concerned about looking good, as much as women. The last decades have served as the stage for men’s fashion to become more important.

Men are also trendsetters and want to dress well, no matter if it is a formal or casual occasion. But sometimes intention is not everything. You have to follow certain men’s fashion rules that are maintained despite changes in fashion, such as choosing clothes in the correct size or knowing how to combine the belt with the shoes.

Men’s Fashion Rules

Let’s look at each of these rules in more detail so that you know how to choose your outfit every day.

1. Know how to coordinate clothes

Know how to coordinate clothes

This is one of the points where many men fail. You have to learn to coordinate your clothes to look neat. The selection will depend on the occasion and the place you go. Dressing well for a casual outing will not be the same as for a meeting that requires elegant clothing.

One of the most common confusions is which shirt to combine ties with. You can make different coordinations according to the color, texture or pattern. But what you should not do is wear a tie with a shirt with short sleeves or square pockets.

You must know how to distinguish between shirts to dress without a tie and those that you can combine with this accessory. Also look at the width of the tie, this should match the width of the lapels of the suit. Use the latest Amazon coupons to shop for suits online.

2. A suit that does not go out of style

A suit that does not go out of style

To always be stylish, a suit that should not be missing in your wardrobe is the one with two buttons. It is one of the basic garments for men. Always make sure it fits you. The shoulder seam should be just above the end of the shoulder or slightly earlier.

One rule you should keep in mind is that the first of the two buttons should be above the navel. In the case of three button suits, it is the middle one that should be in this place. It can also be a bit above.

3. Dare to wear a bowtie

Dare to wear a bowtie

Classic ties are not the only ones you can use to complement your look. There is also the bowtie or bow tie that has returned a few years ago and not only for elegant occasions.

Now you can use them for more relaxed occasions, combined with blazers and colored shirts. It is also an option to wear them with vests. Your look will attract attention and will also be a topic of conversation.

4. Baggy pants will make you look shorter

Baggy pants will make you look shorter

Once again, we insist on the correct size of clothing. This time we talk about pants, you have to choose the correct width and length to dress elegant. Wearing very baggy pants not only looks bad, but it will make you look shorter than you are.

Pants must be snug at the waist, even without the belt. The width in the legs also has to be adequate. Ideally, it should be snug in the derrière and loose on the thighs, loosely. As for the length, they should fall a little over the back of the shoe, less than an inch.

5. The right shoes

The right shoes

Do not wear very wide shoes, the selection must be in accordance with the style you wear. Even when you want to dress smart without a suit.

Footwear must fit snugly and mold to the foot. One tip is to buy them at the end of the day, when your feet are a bit swollen. Always keep your shoes clean. Remove dirt after each use. Make use of the latest Amazon gift coupon to earn extra discount.

6. Combine shoes and belt

Combine shoes and belt

A rule that you should never forget is to combine the color of the shoes with that of the belt. The finish of the material must also coordinate. That is, wear a black belt with shoes of this color; the same if you choose brown shoes.

Another couple of tips about the belt is that these should be thin and it should be possible to fasten them in the third hole.

7. Avoid very large logos

Avoid very large logos

Don’t be tempted to buy shirts with oversized logos. To look good in a casual look, it is best to keep clothes simple. Large logos draw a lot of attention to the wrong place and detract from the elegance of the outfit.

8. Suit measurement

Suit measurement

When shopping for a suit, try one size smaller than the one you always wear. This usually works well for choosing a suit that looks well fitted and not too big. However, be careful that it is not too small, it must be well fitted.

Some signs to pay attention to when measuring a suit are:

  • The sleeve of the jacket should come after the wrist bone. No more than one inch.
  • The cuff of the shirt should be visible under the jacket. It should show a maximum of half an inch.
  • To make sure the jacket is not too tight, you need to be able to slide and move your hand between the jacket and the shirt.

9. Dress shirts always inside

Dress shirts always inside

Dress shirts are designed to always go inside the pants. These are very long garments to wear outside. If you want a more informal look, there are special shirts that you can wear outside. But you have to know how to choose according to the occasion.

10. Avoid ties with funny designs

Avoid ties with funny designs

These types of ties look fun, but they are not funny. They also detract from the elegance of your outfit. To dress formal, you have to choose a more sober tie, which does not mean boring if you know how to combine it.

Some tips for selecting the tie:

  • The color of the tie should be darker than the color of the shirt.
  • It should reach the middle of the belt clip.
  • The width of the tie and the lapels of the jacket must match.
  • If you wear a handkerchief, it must be a different color from the tie.

44 essential tips for dressing well – Rules for men fashion

44 essential tips for dressing well

The secret is knowing how to interpret each style rule in its proper measure, in adapting them to each case. And, of course, doing it with an essential sense of humor. Below, we offer 44 essential tips for dressing well.

1. You are the one who wears the clothes, not the other way around.

2. Investing in quality is often synonymous with investing in things that are not seen. Like the internal movement of a mechanical watch or the hand-stitched seams of a jacket or shoes.

3. Conventional jeans are fine; dark jeans are better. Leave the jeans fitted to the hips and flared for the cowgirls. The black jeans, don’t even look at them.

4. Celebrities are always well dressed for two reasons: they are famous and one person is in charge – full time – of selecting their wardrobe. Don’t be discouraged. Become famous.

5. Expand the color palette of your wardrobe. Pink, turquoise and coral are colors that favor men, although they do not believe it (yes, no combining garments, only one of color).

6. Lasts are a useful tool, but you only need one pair. Use them for the shoes you wear every day. The shoe, warm and humid due to body temperature and perspiration, will contract when it cools down and with the help of the last, it will return to its original shape. The last will return you to shape in a couple of hours.

Collared shirt and tailored jacket

7. Dress for air travel as the privilege of a few. Start with a collared shirt and tailored jacket. If you can’t bear to wear appropriate shoes, discreet leather trainers may do the trick. Banish the sweatpants, you’re not in the gym. Exception: flying in your own private jet gives you carte blanche.

8. Quality, well-maintained shoes can last you for decades. When buying footwear, remember to have the best quality leather soles and uppers. Don’t forget that leather shoes are easier to repair. Exception: moccasins can be damaged sooner. Take special care of them.

9. It is better to go over formal than casual. Being called eccentric for wearing a tuxedo to a swimming competition is preferable to wearing jeans and a T-shirt to a wedding.

10. In the bathroom cabinet you should not miss: a razor blade, shaving soap, a shaving brush, a comb, deodorant, a nail clipper, gel, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Ready.

11. If you don’t have great appeal, get yourself a great watch, pack expensive luggage, and pack some sunglasses.

12. Buy the suit that suits you, not the one you would like to fit. A very tight suit will make you look fat. One size up will be more comfortable for you, but it will look like a ten-year-old playing dress up. Between the two is the suit to buy.

13. Waterproof and water-resistant are not synonymous, what’s more, there is a big difference.

Jeans with a blazer

14. In this new fashion of reconciling jeans with a blazer, a handkerchief can be a worthy substitute for a tie. In the right column, some virtuosos of the handkerchief.

15. A well-knotted tie is the first serious step a man should take in life.

16. Wet shoes should be left to dry in a warm place, such as near an oven. But be careful: drying too quickly can crack the leather.

17. Be suspicious of the man in a sweatshirt. College team sweatshirts are worn by two types of people: those who have not been affected by the educational system, and those who have paid large tuition for their children to attend college and they like others to know. Exception: forget about suspicions if you live near a prestigious university.

18. With a double-breasted suit, it may be permissible to have only the lower right button unbuttoned. The rest must be buttoned. If you want to be comfortable, take off your jacket.

19. Some colors are designed to be combined. Others do not. Here are the combinations that work (and also those that don’t).

Ways to store a tie

20. There are two ways to store a tie: horizontally in a drawer and rolled up. Fold it, then roll it up starting with the narrowest part. Both methods will allow the tie to return to its original shape overnight.

21. If you wear glasses, keep in mind that they must be in line with the shape of your face.

22. Great classic fabrics always set a good tone. There are ten fabrics that cannot be missing in the elegant man’s wardrobe. From gray or hazelnut Prince of Wales, although always with a subtle blue shade, to those in midnight blue combed wool, or those made with the classic gray flannel.

23. Short socks are made for British men and Italian bus drivers.

24. Before buying a green, brown or blue garment, check its shade in daylight. What may appear dark blue to you under fluorescent lighting may actually be purple in natural light.

25. Even a tuxedo well-armed has its limitations. A good tuxedo can equate many men with James Bond, but that doesn’t mean they have his appeal.

26. Clean brown shoes, whether light or dark, with black polish. Don’t be suspicious. This bitumen will give darker shades around the seams and gradually get a more and more intense shine.

27. When it comes to patterns, less is more. However, if you choose to combine them, follow this rule: the pattern of the tie must be more daring than that of the shirt.

Wearing shoes

28. Wearing shoes day and night will drastically shorten their useful life.

29. Take your time when shopping for shoes. Don’t be fooled by the shine of your leather. To show off you don’t have to suffer – at least in this case.

30. When it comes to watches, there are two types of men: quartz watch men and mechanical watch men. Buy a quartz one if you just want to know what time it is. Buy a mechanical one if you like machines. Exception: or emulate the American presidents and opt for a digital G-Shock type.

31. Do not undo the pockets of the jacket. Opening them will only make them deform.

32. You do not need to fasten each and every button. In a double-breasted suit, only the top one can be buttoned; in the triple-breasted one, the middle one; And in a single-breasted suit … you don’t have many options left.

33. The classiest color for a bow tie is black. Exception: If you are a nonconformist, try a dark blue or a chocolate brown.

34. Opening the buttonholes on the cuffs of the suits used to be a sign of craftsmanship. No longer. We know your suit is well cut, keep them closed.

Knot of the tie

35. The knot of the tie must completely cover the neck of the shirt. Otherwise, the knot is too loose.

36. The point of the tie must reach the waist.

37. Never buy anything yellow. Exception: unless it is a Lamborghini.

38. A man should not expand his wardrobe, but improve it. Take a look around your closet, select the garments that pack you, then go for the ones that pack even more.

39. The elegant man must convey that he has bought his clothes wisely, has put them on carefully and then has completely forgotten about them.

40. If you can slide a finger between the collar of the shirt and your own it will be perfect. If it fits loosely, it will look like Krusty the clown.

41. Nothing like a mobile phone hanging from the belt to detract from the distinction.

42. Sunglasses must fulfill the function for which they were created. And never be worn at night.

43. Despite the stylistic follies of the 80s, there were some other hits like polo. After moments of crisis, it has regained the place it deserves. We encourage you to include it in your closet.

44. If in doubt, consult your tailor.

Final advice

These are some of the recommendations that you should follow to look good every time you get dressed. However, they are not the only ones, there are other tips that you should also take into account. For example, we recommend not wearing more than one ring on each hand. Nor should you use a sports jacket with dress pants because it does not fit, both are garments that have their moment and do not go together.

You also shouldn’t wear any type of sock with a suit. You have to choose socks the same color as the pants and long enough so that the leg is not visible when you are sitting. The care you give to your clothes is essential, make sure your suits receive a professional wash so they are not damaged.

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