How To Spot Fake Converse Shoes?

Originally, Converse shoes were designed to play basketball, and their production began in 1908. The famous American basketball player Chuck Taylor promoted them and today, even if someone doesn’t own them, they certainly know how the original Converse are made. Unfortunately, like many other brand shoes, they have many imitations, which differ from the original Converse All Star mainly due to the poor quality of materials used for their realization.

Original Converse Shoes Vs Fake

The original Converse are an investment for years, so by deciding to buy them don’t be fooled and learn to recognize the fake Converse!

The word “Converse All Star”

How do you recognize Converse imitations? From the writing, which in the real ones is:

  • on the tongue in the form of a patch;
  • back on the heel, in the form of writing on the rubber.

The letters should be sharp, not too far apart, slightly elongated and give the impression that the spaces between them are too small. Up close, the pattern of which the letters are sewn resembles the chain scroll, while in the fake ones the letters are usually straighter. In the original shoes, between the words “all” and “star” is the star, and sometimes also the symbol R in the circle, which means that the particular brand has been registered in the appropriate Patent Office. Lettering should also have sharp edges.

Do you know that…?

Real Converse can, but don’t have to have the “®” symbol under the star behind the shoe? This depends on the period in which a particular pair of shoes was produced. Recent versions no longer have the registration mark in the Patent Office.

The logo in the shape of a circle

It is found only in high-top sneakers, that is, in the model loved by the stars! Would you like to buy them, but are you afraid of imitations? After reading these tips, you will surely know how to distinguish the fake high Converse from the original ones. The characteristic headband in true Converse:

  • it is located near the ankle, on the inside of the upper;


In non-original shoes, the thick headband is located on the outside of the upper!

  • its diameter is between 4.6 cm and up;
  • it’s featured in both shoes, so in the original Converse, when you put your feet together, the logo headbands will come together.


In the original Converse, the elements on the headband should be slightly convex.

The word “Converse” on the inner sole

Another element that will help you recognize real Converse is their insole. The insole of the Converse shoes has the writing that does not spread out on the sides. It happens that the letter “o” is slightly square, and the star is located in its center, but it does not apply to all models. This writing is sharp and clear, thanks to this it will remain visible on the insole even after years of use.


In true Converse, the color of the writing on the insole is never faded or blurred!

The letter “o” in the writing on the insole can be empty and round or have a star in the center and square sides. The important thing is that the writings are accurate and straight.

Straight and accurate lines

The edges around the sole are another characteristic element of Converse shoes. How to distinguish original shoes from fake ones on their basis? We suggest:

  • in the true Converse, the lines are of an intense color and are clear, while in the false ones the lines often “scatter” at the sides and their color is faded;
  • in the original Converse, not even the smallest amount of glue is seen near the edges, while in the non-original ones there is often yellowish glue.

The sole

The sole of the Converse shoes is solid and is made of rubber. If your shoes have a strong smell of cheap rubber, you are probably dealing with an imitation. Also check if on the sole, near the size, there is the logo and the star in relief. They attest to the originality of the shoes.

The packaging

Converse shoes are often packed in their original packaging. Usually gold-black, but can also be other colors, and has the brand logo. The manufacturer gives each pair of shoes a special label with indications.

So, if it happens that your shoes arrive in a different package than the original one, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not original.


After reading this article you already know how to recognize the original Converse. Remember, however, that the market is teeming with tarot Converse, almost identical to the real ones, that it is often difficult to recognize them. To avoid this, always buy in trusted stores. On Amazon India many colors and models of original Converse shoes await you: from classic white, black and red to pastel, colorful, multicolored and patterned.

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