Top 10 Best Hoodie/Sweatshirt Brands in India 2023 – Review

To help you find the most comfortable sweatshirt ever, we spent hours searching for the best Sweatshirt brands in India. From providing warmth in the winter season to serving as a stylish fashion accessory that adds some flair to your overall ensemble, hoodies from the top 10 Sweatshirt Brands in India serve many purposes.

Sweatshirt Brands in India

Sweatshirts are an indispensable component of every man’s wardrobe. Whether it’s something you exclusively wear inside while relaxing on the couch or something you throw on for a casual night out, there’s never a wrong time to wear a sweatshirt. There’s also no better time to be shopping for the top 10 Sweatshirt brands in India.

The popularity of sweatshirts has prompted a lot of brands to jump on the sweatshirt bandwagon. That’s not a bad thing, because consumers have more options than ever, but sorting out the good from the bad is often challenging.

Our experts at Khojdeal spent more than 30 hours researching and trying out different brands for sweatshirt and selected the top 10. Scroll down to shop for our top picks.

Best Sweatshirt/Hoodie Brands in India 2023

Finding the right sweatshirt comes down to several factors, including material, type, sleeve length, design, body type, stitching, weight and price. Taking these factors into account, our experts have curated a list of the Top 10 Sweatshirt Brands in India. Have a look.

S. No.Best Sweatshirt/Hoodie BrandsPrice Range
1.Allen SollyRs. 599 – Rs. 2,399
2.Levi’sRs. 799 – Rs. 2,699
3.Red TapeRs. 588 – Rs. 2,026
4.Alan JonesRs. 339 – Rs. 669
5.VeirdoRs. 399 – Rs. 699
6.Amazon Brand – SymbolRs. 279 – Rs. 948
7.Qube By Fort CollinsRs. 289 – Rs. 699
8.Campus SutraRs. 329 – Rs. 2,223
9.H&MRs. 439 – Rs. 3,484
10.Kook N KeechRs. 474 – Rs. 1,338

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Top 10 Sweatshirt Brands in India

  • Allen Solly
  • Levi’s
  • Red Tape
  • Alan Jones
  • Veirdo
  • Amazon Brand – Symbol
  • Qube By Fort Collins
  • Campus Sutra
  • H&M
  • Kook N Keech

1. Allen Solly

Allen Solly makes it easy to look sharp and sophisticated no matter the occasion. Founded in 1993, Allen Solly has grown into a renowned lifestyle brand featuring a range of casual and luxury men’s sportswear, tailored clothing, accessories and more. The collections exude a timeless style resplendent with sharp detail, superb craftsmanship and premium quality. Allen Solly brings you contemporary fashion with a touch of class. In fact, it’s this very forward thinking that has allowed this brand to stay relevant even today. Allen Solly ensures that all its clothing and accessories are highly functional, casual, and stylish without compromising on comfort.

Allen Solly sweatshirts are known for their fabulous fit and softness. It is this combination which makes them so popular among those who prefer clothing that feels as comfortable as it looks. The current collection of Allen Solly sweatshirts is more stylish and youthful, with a choice of bright colors and funky prints. The attractive styling of the sweatshirts means that they can be worn on their own or as part of a casual outfit. Apart from the warmth that they provide, sweatshirts are ideal for sporty casual outings, especially if you are out with friends. The added advantage is that they look good whatever the weather.


  • Quality of material is very good
  • Comfortable
  • Great fitting
  • Classic Silhouette
  • Made to last


  • Length is a bit small

2. Levi’s

With an unwavering commitment to style and sophistication, Levi’s makes men’s clothing that are classic and timeless with bold, colorful pieces thrown in for good measure. The collection includes head-to-toe wardrobe essentials like dress shirts, sport shirts, socks and more that deliver an easy elegance for work, weekends, and every occasion in between. With an unwavering commitment to style and sophistication, Levi’s makes men’s clothing that are classic and timeless with bold, colorful pieces thrown in for good measure. They deliver an easy elegance for work, weekends, and every occasion in between.

Levi’s sweatshirts have become a very popular collector’s item among streetwear enthusiasts.  The reason why they are so popular is because of their unique styles, comfortable fabric, and durability. People love to wear sweatshirts from the Levi’s brand because they are seen as one of the best quality hoodies on the market. They are made with 100% cotton, ensuring that they feel very comfortable to wear all day long. In addition, Levi’s has been known to have a very good quality control team that ensures the quality of their products, which is another reason why people choose to wear this brand.


  • Light in weight
  • Ensures all day long comfort
  • Makes you look smart and presentable
  • Premium knit
  • Adds a contemporary twist to your casual collection


  • Warmth is less

3. Red Tape

Synonymous with a modern, timeless aesthetic, Red Tape continually creates iconic essentials with a focus on distinctive design, enduring style, and uncompromising quality. The brand’s collection focuses on both performance and functionality. Using only the finest fabrics, the label comprises high-quality pieces for women and men with an always-on-the-go lifestyle. Innovation is at the heart of Red Tape’s designs, as each piece undergoes rigorous testing and extensive research. This means that not only are the garments created to be worn, but they’re also specifically designed for their intended purpose.

Red Tape sweatshirts are a very popular buy because they have been designed to keep those wearing them as comfortable as possible. They achieve this by a number of different methods. One of the main factors is the way in which they are cut. They come with a tapered design that means they are not too baggy, while still remaining comfortable enough to move around in. The lack of bulk on the seams also means that there is less chance of them chafing. They also come with taped seams for an extra level of comfort. These sweatshirts are made to keep the wearer warm, and they use materials that do this without being too bulky.


  • Crafted with comfortable fabric
  • World class designs
  • In tune with the latest fashion trends
  • Feel and finish is very good
  • Ideal for any casual occasion


  • Material sticks from inside

4. Alan Jones

Founded on the principle that a piece of clothing can—and should—be both comfortable and alluring, Alan Jones creates styles lauded for impeccable fit with a modern point of view. Emphasizing superb craftsmanship, the brand’s classic silhouettes are refined by current trends and interesting fabrics, resulting in pieces that wear well and remain relevant season after season. From contemporary prints to unexpected constructions, Alan Jones is a brand that loves to experiment. Each piece is crafted in the finest fabrics, adding a luxurious touch to everything from tailored shirts and printed pants to statement dresses.

Alan Jones sweatshirts are made up of high-quality cotton blend fabric which makes them durable and long lasting as well as warm and comfortable to wear. Their unique design, quality construction and affordable prices makes them great value for money. Created with a mission to fill the gap for quality sweatshirts in the marketplace, Alan Jones is a brand that strives to provide a unique garment that appeals to everyone, from all walks of life and is designed to be a staple in any wardrobe. Its latest collection for men and women is available in a number of colors and styles designed to suit any individual taste.


  • Fashionably comfortable
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Breathable fabric
  • Lightweight and super soft
  • Perfect for everyday use


  • Colours can fade over time

5. Veirdo

Designed in India, this activewear line is the epitome of comfort. Veirdo silhouettes are modern, flattering and look as natural at the grocery store or coffee shop as they do in the studio. Each piece is constructed of high-performance fabrics and tested by discerning yogis, ensuring the practicality and durability of its leggings, tanks, sports bras and other activewear staples. The line reflects the art, energy and life that exudes from every corner of this vibrant country while simultaneously appealing to the modern, fit, and fashionable men of today. Each piece is designed with a deep consideration for comfort and ease and will move elegantly with your body.

Veirdo sweatshirts are extremely sought-after collectibles. They are well-known for their comfort and warmth that is unmatched by other sweatshirts. They are high quality and last for many years. The reason Veirdo sweatshirts are so comfortable is because the fabric used to make them is very soft. They are made to fit the user perfectly, so they don’t feel too baggy or too tight. The sweatshirts also come in many different colors, ensuring that everyone can find one they like. Plus, the company makes sweatshirts for both men and women, so no one is left out. They are great for lounging around the house or for wearing out to run errands.


  • Trending colour block designs
  • Meticulously crafted
  • Bio-washed fabric for bright colour and extra softness 
  • Premium quality
  • Perfect fitting


  • Don’t have any pockets

6. Amazon Brand – Symbol

Driven by a love of wild, beautiful places and design that favors simplicity and utility, Symbol has grown from its roots in alpine climbing to outfitting athletes pursuing other human-powered sports such as skiing, surfing, trail running and more. Symbol clothing delivers top-of-the-line performance while minimizing its environmental impact. At the core of their mission is a commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. Symbol has created an original apparel collection that is designed to perform in any environment, is made using sustainable practices and will perform for years to come. It uses a wide range of high-quality, technical textiles to create its clothing.

Amazon Brand – Symbol makes best-selling sweatshirts for men, women, and kids. They come in a variety of colors and styles. What makes these sweatshirts comfortable to wear is their unique combination of materials. The fabric used for these sweatshirts is very soft, lightweight (not bulky), and stretchy, allowing for easy movement while wearing the shirt. They are made from a cotton and polyester blend which makes them very soft, practically like wearing pajamas. You don’t even feel like you are wearing a sweatshirt. They are very durable as well and will last a reasonable amount of time.


  • Comfortable hooded sweatshirts
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Timeless styles
  • Crafted with quality fabrics
  • Affordable products


  • Not made for heavy winters

7. Qube By Fort Collins

Lifestyle brand Qube By Fort Collins creates a unique intersection in fashion by blending the casual comfort of Southern California living with a sleek sophistication. Relaxed yet always refined, its collections draw on influences ranging from international travel to metropolitan living. Thanks to the brand’s use of premium fabrics to create classic silhouettes, Qube By Fort Collins has become synonymous with accessible luxury. Cheeky prints and bold hues will quickly catch the attention of onlookers, while eco-friendly materials ensure that these looks will stay with you for years to come.

Each Qube By Fort Collins sweatshirt exudes a unique personality, making it the perfect wardrobe staple for any occasion. From your Friday night out to the Sunday football game, Qube By Fort Collins sweatshirts are guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable. Each sweatshirt is made with 30 soft ring spun cotton, providing the best softness and durability. It has a fashionable yet comfortable fit that hugs your body without slowing you down. The style and quality of these handmade sweatshirts is just one of the few reasons why Qube By Fort Collins has been selling out everywhere. If you’re looking for the perfect sweatshirt, look no further than this brand.


  • Good fabric quality
  • Fits as expected
  • Wide range of styles
  • Offered in various sizes and colours
  • Affordable


  • The neck is very wide

8. Campus Sutra

Campus Sutra, a youth brand founded in 2013, creates merchandise that reflects the life of a young Indian person. The brand began with stream-based products that were targeted at a specific audience. The apparel was geared towards students in management, engineering, medicine, science, law, science, art, and other related fields such as technology and accountancy. The products are available for both men and women and include sweatshirts, T-shirts, active wear, sportswear, tops, and hoodies. Campus Sutra’s business model blends online and offline channels so customers can have easy access to current fashion in designs that appeal to their core audience.

Campus Sutra sweatshirts look great with any outfit and are suitable for all occasions.  They are made out of cotton-polyester, so they don’t shrink or lose their shape. Campus Sutra sweatshirts are designed to make you look and feel great, whether it is at the gym or just casually lounging around the house. Their unique design sets them apart from all other sweatshirts and you will get a lot of compliments wearing them. The Campus Sutra sweatshirts are very comfortable and durable. They make great gifts for all occasions. They come in a variety of colors & sizes and will be the best staple piece of clothing in your wardrobe.


  • Super affordable
  • Light in weight
  • Made from finest fabric
  • All day long comfort
  • Come in a variety of colours and designs


9. H&M

Founded in 1947, Swedish clothing retailer Hennes & Mauritz AB, commonly known as H&M, has grown into one of the most recognizable brands in the fashion industry.  With over 3,000 stores in 62 countries, H&M has gained an almost cult-like following of consumers who are willing to wait in line for the latest fashions at affordable prices. H&M attributes its success to its value-driven “democratic” fashion that is attainable by all socioeconomic classes. What sets H&M apart from its competition is its ability to stay at the forefront of fashion trends and adapt its clothing to worldwide consumer demands. This enables the store to target a specific demographic who then become life-long customers.

H&M’s sweatshirt collection offers the latest styles and inspiration for all tastes and seasons. From the cozy hoodie to the luxurious sweatshirt, H&M’s range of sweatshirts offer a unique speciality or casual look, whatever the goal. In an eye-catching color palette from black and white to pink and red, H&M’s sweatshirts bring you comfort and style. H&M’s sweatshirts collection ranges from simple, plain styles to printed and patterned designs. They are made with premium materials to feel light and luxurious. With special embellishments like faux fur, real leather trims and embroidered designs, H&M’s stylish sweatshirts make a versatile fashion statement.


  • Inner side is soft and comfy
  • Material is good 
  • Available in an array of designs
  • Gives an effortlessly cool look
  • A wide variety of shades to choose from


  • Pricier than other brands on the market

10. Kook N Keech

Kook N Keech is a fashion brand from the house of Myntra. It works with brands like Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, DC, etc. to create licensed, authentic products for their customers. The brand offers a wide range of apparel like T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and more for men and women. Their collection for kids is equally impressive, where they have t-shirts with all-time classic Disney characters. Their products are available in multiple colors, patterns, and sizes. They are very reasonably priced; hence they don’t break the bank when you choose to buy something for yourself or your kids. Kook N Keech’s launch of the latest Avengers collection has been a massive hit amongst its customers.

Kook N Keech is well known for their pop culture sweatshirts. The artwork and designs of these hoodies and sweatshirts is a step above any other brand out there. They take iconic images from popular culture and blend them with great design and fashion. Everything from the Simpsons to Seinfeld, and even Garfield can be found on a Kook N Keech sweatshirt. The attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship makes them a must have for any true fashionista. They are made from the softest materials and fit exactly to your body. They will instantly add a touch of class to any wardrobe.


  • Has a soft feel that provides comfort
  • Smooth and durable stitching
  • Relaxed fit
  • Crew neck design allows you breathing room
  • Suitable for all occasions


  • Material is thin

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After reviewing the different sweatshirts, we think Monte Carlo is one of the best Sweatshirt Brands in India. If you require any further assistance to select the Top 10 Sweatshirt Brands in India, please comment below and we will get back to you with the best possible solution.

If you’re unable to find the Top 10 Sweatshirt Brands in India here, head over to Amazon India to browse through the portal’s extensive collection.

And, as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Have you worn any of the sweatshirts on our list? If so, how did you like them? What’s your favorite sweatshirt? We’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How to dress up a sweatshirt?

When you feel like going out without making too many plans, wear a sweatshirt and the rest comes by itself. You can combine these practical sweaters in cotton or synthetic fabric with a large variety of clothing, to create dynamic and sporty outfits. Choose a classic sweatshirt with a round neckline and regular fit, to wear over a practical t-shirt. For your downtown outings with friends, a pair of jeans and fabric ankle boots will perfectly complement your metropolitan outfit.

2. What to look for when buying sweatshirts?

First, the quality of the fabric is important. It should be soft and comfortable, and it should also be thick enough to keep you warm. Second, the fit is important. The sweatshirt should fit snugly so that it doesn’t ride up or bunch up when you wear it. Third, the style is important. You want to choose a sweatshirt that fits your personality and style. Finally, the price is important. You don’t want to spend too much money on a sweatshirt, but you also don’t want to buy a cheap one that will only last a few months.

3. What are the sweatshirt trends to wear today?

Trending custom sweatshirt colors for men include neutral bone, gray, and black. Graphic sweatshirt with repeating prints, social distancing puns, inspirational and humorous sayings, and big, bold logos are in trend. Tri-blend sweatshirts, including crews, hoodies, quarter zip, and full-zips are super popular. Custom fleece hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts are street style favorites.

4. What are the best hoodie brands in India?

Sweatshirts and hoodies are incredibly comfortable and great for generic wear during the day. When it comes to choosing the right brand, Nike, United Colors of Benneton, Puma, and Allen Solly are some of the best Hoodie brands in the market.

5. Which is better sweatshirt or sweater?

Sweatshirts are ideal for casual wear, while sweaters are more suitable for dressier occasions. However, it really depends on your personal style and preferences. If you want something that you can wear both casually and formally, then opting for a sweater might be the better choice. Also sweaters are warmer than sweatshirts, so if you live in a colder climate, then a sweater might be more practical. Ultimately, it comes down to what you feel more comfortable in and what fits your personal style better.

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