Top 7 Best Sneakers Brands in India

Shopping can be daunting if you are looking to buy sneakers for the first time. For this reason we have put together a list of best sneakers brands in India in. You will find below a list of 7 brands worth looking into along with an overview of what they offer, a buying guide for sneakers and a style guide if you are looking for fashion inspiration.

Sneakers have become a part of day to day life for many people. This is unsurprising considering how comfortable they are compared to wearing heels or even slippers outdoors for long periods of time. Additionally, sneakers can be bought for casual walking, long-wear or every for exercising. A pro tip is to keep in mind what you will be utilizing your sneakers for as this can help you pick the right brand and type for you. For more tips and information on the top 7 brands, continue reading our blog below.

Best Sneakers Brands in India – Top 7 List

Sr. No.Best Sneakers Brands in India

Best Sneakers Brands in India

For a short introduction the brands along with the key features and pro and cons to keep in mind, read below.

1. Puma

Puma is company that is well-known across India. Their sneakers are especially well-loved thanks to their versitality. Shoes are available in varying colours, styles, shapes, sizes and needs. They’re light, comfy, and cushioned well. This is how we would describe this shoe, which, in addition to having a fashionable style, provides remarkable versatility for a runner’s day-to-day life. The sneakers are durable and offer comfort to users. Customer’s praise the brand for the premium looks of it’s products. For safekeeping, ensure that you store your shoes in a shoe bag and regularly air them out.


  • Long lasting shoes
  • Can be styles many ways
  • Sneakers for every occasion


  • Can be expensive

2. Nike

Nike’s footwear collection includes a wide range of sports shoes, as well as models that may be worn without the requirement for physical activity. Exercise enthusiasts, who want tennis shoes, trainers, beach shoes, or whatever the local term for this type of apparel is, have specific footwear for running, basketball, soccer, tennis, and various gym routines. There are always some Nike sneakers among the top sneakers of the year for a reason.

Nike is an unsuprising addition to our best sneakers brands in India list. The brand is well-known among sneaker-heads as they make several types of shoes. You can find many unisex styles and colours which you can pair with any outfit you wish. Nike’s sneakers also ensure breathability for users thanks to their mesh-lined inside.


  • Stylish and long-lasting
  • Beautiful colours
  • Varying styles to choose from


  • Expensive

3. Fila

Fila’s sneakers are a trend that you just cannot ignore this year. Many of us remember our first pair of sneakers, and for many of us, it was a pair of Fila sneakers. One of the reasons for this brand’s popularity is that it offers a wide range of sports and contemporary wear. The soles and the outer material of the shoes is often made from rubber. This makes them resistant to wear and tear and allows you to wear them in varying terrains.


  • Multiple styles to pick from
  • Can be paired with different clothing
  • Comfortable, durable shoes


  • Short warranty period

4. Converse

Professional basketball players wore the iconic Chunk Taylor All Star model in the 1960s, and it grew in popularity to the point that it became an icon of various urban and rebel groups and subcultures. These sneakers are now linked with versatility, good taste, and the return of sporty chic to your life and wardrobe in any of their variations. This is why this brand is one of the best sneakers brands in India.

Converse sneakers are a must have for every sneaker-head thanks to their iconic appearance. You can pair the variety of colours and designs with whichever clothing you wish to!


  • Canvas outer body which can be worn on variety of terrains
  • Rubber sole to provide comfort
  • Long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing shoes


  • Can be difficult to style with professional clothing

5. Adidas

Purchasing Adidas shoes ensures comfort because you will be carrying one-of-a-kind pieces made of high-quality materials that will allow you to balance not only your sports look but also your urban and informal style. Its timeless elegance adapts to any situation while keeping the highest level of quality.


  • Iconic designs
  • Multiple types to choose from
  • Extremely comfortable


  • On the expensive side

6. Skechers

Skechers footwear comes to mind immediately when one thinks of walking shoes. A globally recognised brand that can constantly be found on the feet of tens of people around the world. Walking is one of the preferred activities of people who do not have an athlete’s physical condition because it is a low-intensity activity that delivers various health and mental benefits. Their comfortable, stylish and aesthetically pleasing designs are what got Skechers sneakers in our best sneakers brands in India list.


  • Long-lasting
  • Fashionable
  • Variety of models to choose from


  • Might be costly

7. Reebok

Reebok is one of the best sneakers brands in India. For years, Reebok has been one of the most prestigious sports brands on the market, particularly when it comes to the production of athletic footwear. It has sought its place in the footwear and textile business from its inception in 1895, equipping itself with all available technology and easily adapting to the passage of time.

Reebok is now a highly regarded sports brand among customers for all of these reasons. The company is dedicated to continuing manufacture of sports and casual footwear in all of its forms, as it is one of the most widely utilised items on a regular basis.


  • Affordable prices
  • Iconically styled models
  • Variety of colours and sizes


  • There are some issues with size fitting;

Best Sneakers Brands in India – Style Guide

Sneakers have been one of the most popular allies for creating highly comfy and fashionable appearances in recent years. It’s such a versatile shoe that it goes with a wide range of outfits, from the most casual and laid-back to the most elegant and refined. Sneakers have become a must-have for any season, with a variety of textures, models, fabrics, and styles.

The shoes have moved on from being solely associated with sports to becoming part of the most fashionable, disruptive, and stylish styles of any season. There are numerous ways to wear it because it is a comfortable shoe that is easy to mix and ideal for practically any scenario and time of day. How about a coat and sneakers? And what about a pair of beautiful Chinese pants? We’ll show you how to put together an amazing look with sneakers in the section below.

1. With White Sneakers

This season, white sneakers are one of the most popular outfits. They don’t have to be boring just because they’re white; on the contrary, they go with anything and may completely transform any appearance. There are many styles to choose from, ranging from the most classic and iconic to the most disruptive, modern, and adventurous; all you have to do is pick one and start creating.

If you want to go for a refined look, pair your shoes with Mom Fit or Slouchy model jeans, a white blouse, and a light-colored jacket or blazer. Wearing these jeans above the ankles and emphasizing the sneakers is quite fashionable. Fold your jeans to show how lovely they are!

2. Bright Sports Shoes

Sports shoes are a great way to put together an ensemble that is youthful, trendy, and full of personality. One option is to pair them with a maxi dress and add a jean jacket to complete the look. Are you wearing sneakers? Sure, it’ll work! Dare to attempt it; you’ll be delighted with the outcome! Palazzo pants, either a solid color or printed, can be worn with a simple solid color polo shirt and a teddy jacket for a more trendy style. This look will look amazing with sneakers!

3. Dresses with Sneakers that are Elegant

Today, wearing heels to achieve an exquisite and sophisticated image is no longer necessary; you may mix your most formal outfits with a pair of sneakers and still seem elegant. One alternative is to wear a black latex skirt with a white top, black tights, and black sneakers. This look is going to be amazing!

If you work in an office or have an important meeting, a solid color suit with white shoes is a good option. Suits may be really fun and young attire when paired with your favorite sneakers, and they are no longer a serious and dull suit.

Latex pants are also quite fashionable and have become one of the most popular additions to a strong ensemble with sneakers. When you pair it with a leather jacket and clunky shoes, you’ll notice how it helps you create a unique appearance with a lot of individuality. You already know that you don’t have to give up sneakers to get an exquisite look. On the contrary, if you have to stand for long periods or are constantly moving, these will be your finest ally.

4. Other sneaker combinations

Sneakers with Maxi Skirts – Sneakers with skirts are the season’s most fashionable! This combo can offer you a more playful, laid-back, and young appearance that will impress everyone. Take a chance and give it a go!

Total black clothes with white shoes – One of the hottest trends this season is “total black” ensembles, which is dressing in all black from head to toe. If you sign up as well, we recommend pairing them with white sneakers. These are the ideal accessories for adding contrast, modernism, and absolute flair to your ensemble.

Best Sneakers Brands in India – Buying Guide

1. Shop at a specialized shoe store or visit a website dedicated to shoes

The best option is to visit a specialized sports facility where an expert can examine your footprint and, based on your demands, recommend shoe models from several brands that may be the most appropriate for you.

Always try on your shoes first and make sure you feel completely at ease in them, as if you weren’t wearing them. It is recommended that you bring your running socks and try them on to see if they are comfortable. 

We recommend going to the store to try on the shoes and then checking for them online. You are likely to find numerous offers in online retailers with substantial discounts. 

2. Why do you require the shoes?

The type of shoes you buy will differ depending on the activities you intend to do with them. For instance, if you want to run in your shoes, you should opt for running sneakers. You’ll be less likely to damage yourself and be able to gradually improve your running technique if you start with well-cushioned shoes. 

3. The terrain on which you will tread

You must consider the terrain on which you’ll be walking. Running on grass, mountain, asphalt, cement, or track is not the same. As a result, different styles of shoes are available for different consumers. So, to help you choose the shoes you’ll need, figure out where you’ll run regularly. If you’re going to run on asphalt, for example, you’ll want to wear shoes with plenty of cushioning. When walking in the park or on the grass, however, stability is more crucial, and you’re sole need a greater grip.

4. The Weight of Your Body and the Structure of Your Feet

Your body weight and the anatomy of your foot are also things to consider. Walking or running shoes often have weight ranges depending on the amount of stability and cushioning you require. If you weigh 65 kilograms, for example, you can wear light shoes with little padding, however, if you weigh more than 90 kilograms, you should obtain shoes with a lot more cushioning.

On the other side, if you don’t know what kind of arch you have, determining it is rather simple. You can visit a podiatrist or take the footprint test at home. Knowing what sort of foot arch you have (low arch or flat feet, normal arch or high arch) will greatly assist you in narrowing down the types of shoes you require and achieving maximum comfort.

If you want to be as comfortable as possible, the width of your foot is also vital. To avoid blisters, chafing, and other ailments, buy shoes that do not squeeze you and have some slack on the inside. There are a variety of shoe widths available, with the most common being size D for men and B for women. Because the difference between sizes is usually half a centimeter, if you have a smaller or broader foot, use the size that best fits you.

Other health complications associated with a chronic or punctual injury that you suffer regularly should not be overlooked. Before you buy a pair of shoes, talk to your doctor or physical therapist. If you are prone to ankle or knee sprains, for example, it will always be more convenient for you to insist on selecting shoes with the most stability available. Similarly, if you frequently get calf muscle cramps or overloads, it is always preferable to wear shoes with a high drop (greater difference in height between the heel and the front of the foot).

5. Your Financial Situation

The first thing you should understand is that “expensive” does not always imply “better.” Some styles of shoes costing more than 20k are available on the market, however, they may not be the best fit for you. Similarly, don’t buy cheap, flimsy shoes because if they’re uncomfortable, you’ll likely injure yourself more readily, and if they wear out or break rapidly, you’ll have to replace them quickly.

What you require is a shoe that possesses the necessary characteristics and is suitable for you. That is why, rather than letting yourself be swept away by fads or fashions, you should invest in decent running shoes that will last you longer and provide you with the most comfort possible. When it comes to buying shoes, be practical. Remember that the sole’s material wears down with time, and you’ll have to replace them whether you like it or not.

By keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind you can not only buy from the best sneakers brands in India but also get a pair that is best for you, personally.

Best Sneakers Brands in India – Types of Sneakers

Sneakers are highly variable and can be paired with many clothing and fashion statements. They come in many shapes, types and material, all of which define how they can be worn. Among the best sneakers brands in India are the following types of shoes –

Plimsoll Sneakers

Plimsoll sneakers are the most well-known and widely used style of footwear. Plimsoll sneakers, often known as low tops, come in a variety of styles to fit everyone’s preferences. The idea with these shoes is to wear no-show socks so that the shoe is the focal point. They look great with thin or rolled-up jeans. In this shoe, exposing your bare ankle is a fashion statement in and of itself.

High-Top Basketball Sneakers

High-top shoes have been popular for a long time. This is because they have advantages. For starters, you sport long socks, without worrying they will be visible out the mouth of your shoe. Additionally, these shoes are highly fashionable. High tops, in addition to being a sports classic, look excellent with skinny jeans and basketball shorts.

Athletic Shoes

Ordinary shoes with laces do not look as good as when there are laces on sneakers. Running shoes are generally considered “athletic” shoes. These sneakers put together the best combination of style and function. Regardless of what you are doing, walking or running, the best option would be to put a pair of these shoes on your feet, especially if you are going to be wearing sneakers for long hours through the day. If you are looking to buy similar shoes, look at our list of the best sneakers brands in India including Nike, Puma and Adidas which offer excellent shoes in this style.


Classic sneakers are those that have a slip-on design. These shoes have no laces, making it simple to slide your foot into them. Slip-on sneakers have recently made a reappearance. They come in a variety of designs and metallic finishes, but they’re still as comfy as they’ve always been. These sneakers are, without a doubt, exceedingly comfy and easygoing. However, because these are low-rise sneakers, avoid wearing high-top socks because they will detract from the shoe’s appearance.

Leather Sneakers

Leather shoes are the current trend in the world of footwear. Although these shoes are pricey, you will be investing in something that will last a long time because they do not lose their charm fast. These shoes are best paired with formal and business clothes because they are composed of high-end materials.

Canvas Sneakers

Traditional and comfy are the finest words to describe canvas shoes. Canvas shoes are low-top sneakers constructed from fabrics made famous by Converse All-Stars and other well-known brands. These shoes match nicely with casual clothes because they are a traditional sneaker alternative. Furthermore, it was these shoes that spawned the millennial rolled-up jean fad.

Velcro Sneakers

Velcro sneakers might not be the kind of shoes that can be worn with any outfit, when combined appropriately, they may boost the statement of a casual ensemble with the perfect style. These shoes, which come in a variety of colors and styles, look well with street clothes, evening ensembles, and smart casual outfits. The finest aspect is that they are quite inexpensive!

Best Sneakers Brands in India – Occasions and Statements

When it comes to matching your outfit to your sneakers, there are several elements to consider for both men and women. There are shoe models that may make you seem wonderful, whether you want a new appearance or something a bit more casual. It’s just an issue of determining your requirements and needs. When it comes to combining their everyday outfit with shoes, many people have issues. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to complete the task without difficulty –

  1. Make use of the appropriate color. It all depends on the clothes you’re wearing. If your apparel is mostly colored or patterned, you should avoid using strong tones in your shoes. Otherwise, you run the danger of over-styling the look. We recommend comfy shoes in simple colors for doing errands, going to the mall, or simply walking about the city. Consider the contrast between black and white.
  2. Examine the outfit style. When it comes to complimenting your style, this is crucial. If you’re wearing shorts and skirts, we recommend pairing them with running or training shoes. This will make you appear more relaxed and sophisticated. If you’re going to wear jeans, go for the traditional ones.
  3. Keep an eye on the weather. Before selecting a pair of shoes from your wardrobe, you should always consider the weather. When there is a lot of humidity, wearing comfortable shoes that help your feet to keep cool is great. In the event of rain, gym shoes might come in handy. It will keep your feet cool and dry throughout the day.
  4. Take a look at what each one does. The sports shoes are made to meet the requirements of each specialty. If you’re going to the gym or running, don’t wear inappropriate footwear. This might lead to a lot of problems for you. The fact that we encourage wearing sports shoes daily is more about fashion than usefulness. That is something you must be aware of at all times.

Sneakers appear to be designed for daytime use exclusively, yet this is not the case. Clothing may be worn in a variety of ways and combinations to make you seem nice at night. With these easy tips, you’ll be able to wear shoes at night –


A jacket worn with jeans and traditional shoes is an excellent choice for a night stroll. However, if you want to be a bit more daring, consider wearing a skirt or dress with indoor shoes. You will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. If you’re looking for shoes from some of the best sneakers brands in India, read our listicle above and find the right sneakers for you!

With heels, straight jeans, and a vibrant blouse look great. However, experimenting with extreme sports shoes might provide you with the young and comfortable feel you desire. Because of the designs’ lightness and simplicity. All trends suggest trying new styles and combos, so don’t be hesitant to do so.


If you’re planning to wear jeans and a plaid shirt, indoor shoes would be the best choice because they resemble casual shoes. Always remember that the colors you use should be dark. This will add seriousness without sacrificing the flair that is desired for big events.

If you’re going to wear printed cotton t-shirts with slim-fitting pants, a color contrast would be great. Bright colors should be avoided as they might be distracting and out of place. The usage of basic hues such as white, beige, and black is recommended.

Best Sneakers Brands in India – FAQs

Which sneaker brand is the best in India?

There are several great sneaker brands in India. These include Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Fila. It is essential that you choose the brand that suits your needs and your style best. You can go through our review of the best sneakers brands in India presented above, to find the right product for yourself.

Which shoe brand is right for me?

You must keep in mind your aesthetics, the use you require of the shoes, your budget, the make of the shoes among other factors when picking the right brand for yourself. This is a personal choice entirely and in order to find the right brand for yourself, you have to consider the features it provides. Look through our buying guide so you can better understand what to keep in mind before shopping.

How to know if someone is selling fake shoes?

Keep in mind the following when trying to spot fakes:
Soles – You must ensure that the sole’s rubber is of the greatest quality, i.e., that it is not plastic. Fold them in half and see if they’re flexible and spring back nearly quickly. If they are, your shoes are authentic.
Laces and Eyelets – The eyelets on genuine shoe brand models are always neatly stitched and without a sign of detachment. Furthermore, the laces are always tied in a specific order and are inserted into all of the eyelets without missing any. It may seem obvious, but if you don’t check closely enough, you could end up with fake sneakers.
Logo – The logo must also be visible on the inside of the shoes, such as on the insole or on the tongue. This is a detail that many counterfeiters leave out, so you’ll immediately recognise them as phoney.
Reference number and box – If they are genuine, they will arrive in a box built specifically for that model, with the size and a reference number to identify the product as genuine.
Flexibility – The materials utilised to create each brand-specific model, along with the brand’s most up-to-date technologies, make their shoes extremely soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear. You may be dealing with phoney branded shoes if you discover your shoes are rigid or not very flexible.

Which sneaker is most expensive in the world?

While searching up the best sneakers brands in India, you may find yourself curious about the most expensive sneakers in world. The answer is the Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans sneakers that cost $2 Million!

Best Sneakers Brands in India – Conclusion

Sneakers have increasingly become a big part of the fashion scene in modern times. For this reason, people often search for the best sneakers brands in India, so they can make a good investment. It is highly recommended that you keep in mind the various factors mentioned above in the buying guide before you invest in a pair for yourself so you can pick the right sneakers for you. If you’re not a fan of sneakers, fret not. Khojdeal also has a in-depth blog on the top sandals brands in India so you can pick sandals of your choice!

Just remember to do thorough research before any purchase you make and to read the information provided by the brand about the product very carefully so you know what you will receive. This will help prevent any disappointment from online shopping and you can find the right sneakers from the best sneakers brands in India for yourself with great ease. Happy Shopping!

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