Best RFID Blocking Wallets in India 2023

The best RFID blocking wallets in India are listed here by Khojdeal. Keep your personal information safe and away from people who might use it for not so good purposes.

Most people buy a new wallet because they like the color or because the leather is so soft. Very few people buy a new wallet to protect themselves from criminals. Many people are afraid that personal data will be stolen. However, only a few come up with the idea of buying an RFID blocking wallet.

Radio Frequency Identification, referred to as RFID is a technology that helps objects, mostly cards, get identified using radio waves. If the RFID tagged object is within range of this radio wave, it sends the feedback back to the RFID reader.

These wallets essentially stop signals from your cards to be read by people with malicious intent. An RFID blocking wallet successfully shields everything that has a radio chip because radio communication is interrupted. It is no longer possible for anyone to hack into this radio traffic and steal the data that is on a credit card or ID card.

Best RFID Blocking Wallets in India

It is incredibly useful to invest in an RFID blocking wallet, especially if you travel to remote locations often or you might be in a particular criminal neighborhood soon. Such wallets are relatively cheap and provide excellent protection from scammers. The best RFID blocking wallets in India are mentioned below.

S. No.RFID Blocking WalletPrice
1.Urban Forest Oliver RFID Blocking Wallet (Black)Rs. 567
2.Napa Hide RFID Protected Wallet (Black)Rs. 350
3.WildHorn RFID Protected Wallet (Black Matt)Rs. 379
4.Hornbull Denial RFID Blocking Wallet (Black)Rs. 513
5.CONTACTS RFID Blocking Wallet (Brown)Rs. 1,194
6.Hammonds Flycatcher RFID Protected Wallet (Brown)Rs. 349
7.AL FASCINO RFID Protected Slim Wallet (Brown)Rs. 474
8.CROSS Pursuit RFID Protected Minimalist Utility Wallet (Navy/Red)Rs. 1,099
9.ESBEDA RFID Protected Two Fold Wallet (Black)Rs. 840
10.Cathy London RFID Blocking Wallet (Black)Rs. 799

List of Top RFID Blocking Wallets in India

  • Urban Forest RFID Wallet : Kyle
  • WildHorn RFID Wallet : WH1173
  • Hide & Skin RFID Card Holder
  • Hornbull RFID Wallet : Buttler
  • Krosshorn RFID Wallet : KWRF1069
  • Contacts RFID Wallet : COAHWALN42
  • Contacts RFID Wallet : COAHWALN33

1. Urban Forest RFID Wallet : Kyle

Urban Forest RFID Wallet : Kyle

[amazon fields=” B084TN498Q ” value=”button”]

  • RFID Blocking
  • Leather
  • Flap Closure

2. WildHorn RFID Wallet : WH1173

WildHorn RFID Wallet : WH1173

[amazon fields=” B07QBQ127Y ” value=”button”]

  • RFID Blocking
  • Leather
  • 9 in-build card slots, 2 currency slots, 2 secret compartment, a coin pocket and 1 transparent window
  • Flap Closure

3. Hide & Skin RFID Card Holder

Hide & Skin RFID Card Holder

[amazon fields=” B07GBZGDZM ” value=”button”]

  • RFID Blocking
  • Leather
  • Button Strap Closure

4. Hornbull RFID Wallet : Buttler

Hornbull RFID Wallet : Buttler

[amazon fields=” B07L91DSYT ” value=”button”]

  • Top Grain Leather
  • 7 in build Credit card slots, 2 Secret Compartment, 2 money compartment and 1 Zipper compartment Currency compartment
  • RFID Blocking
  • Unique metal composite, engineered specifically to block 13.5 MHz or higher RFID signals

5. Krosshorn RFID Wallet : KWRF1069

Krosshorn RFID Wallet : KWRF1069

[amazon fields=” B07JPZB9GY ” value=”button”]

  • RFID Blocking Wallet
  • Genuine Leather Wallet
  • Flap Closure

6. Contacts RFID Wallet : COAHWALN42

Contacts RFID Wallet : COAHWALN42

[amazon fields=” B07HD1H1RH ” value=”button”]

  • RFID Blocking
  • Button Closure
  • Travel Wallet
  • Leather

7. Contacts RFID Wallet : COAHWALN33

Contacts RFID Wallet : COAHWALN33

[amazon fields=” B07W7ZB4GQ ” value=”button”]

  • RFID Blocking
  • Button Closure
  • Travel Wallet
  • Leather

RFID Wallets Buying Guide

If your card is RFID compatible, it is necessary to keep your information safe from criminals.

RFID cards can be identified by checking if they are Visa PayWave, MasterCard PayPass, American Express ExpressPay or Discover Zip. If your card mentions either of these then yes, your card is RFID activated.

To help with keeping personal information safe, investing in an RFID blocking wallet is essential. The following criteria must be observed while investing in an RFID blocking wallet:

1. Design

Your personal taste should play a subordinate role when buying. It is more important whether your wallet serves its basic purpose.

Take your current wallet on hand and spread out its contents on a table. After you have sorted out some receipts and outdated cards, you will now see everything that should be available in the new RFID wallet.

2. Quality

What material is the wallet made of? How are the seams processed? Does paint already flake off in some places? Do all buttons close properly? Does the material smell strongly? You should check these criteria before buying them.

If you order the RFID wallet online, we advise you to take a closer look at the reviews. For products with an excessive number of positive reviews, check Verified Buyer Badge to check their authenticity.

3. Security

Since buyers of RFID wallets are mostly in anti theft wallet, this criterion should be checked particularly carefully.

Apps such as “credit card reader NFC” provide reliable information about whether your wallet is protected against attacks. If not, exchange the wallet immediately or send it back.

4. Material

The actual protection of your wallet is provided by a sewn-in layer, which can consist of different materials. Cheap wallets rely on aluminum and do not reliably protect your cards from all frequencies. It is better if the intermediate layer consists of high-quality cryptalloy.

EMV, RFID and NFC. What are they?

The three main technologies used in modern credit cards, EMV, RFID and NFC help read your card to make necessary transactions.

  • EMV: Using EMV cards you need not swipe your card to complete a transaction, only inserting it directly into the reader’s works. EMV cards can use NFC for contactless transactions.
  • NFC: Much like the RFID, NFC can start and maintain communication between two devices for easily connecting and exchanging data.
  • RFID: Radio Frequency Identification is a general term used to define long-range communication, used in a lot of circumstances and devices.

RFID Skimming and Blocking Explained

Quite common were online videos in the early 2010’s that explained the dangers of having convenient technology such as the credit card. A remote device was used to obtain critical data from a credit card and used for illegal activities. Using a wireless scanner, a scammer could easily obtain information from a victim’s RFID card while in close proximity.

To keep the public safe from such criminals, RFID blocking wallets were produced. They block the radio waves from the RFID enabled cards, essentially rendering the wireless scanners worthless until the credit card is inside the RFID blocked wallet. RFID-blocking technology works by stopping the wireless signal from being transmitted.

RFID Skimming and Blocking Explained
Source :

If you have this symbol on your card, it is probably RFID enabled.


Most banks issue cards to consumers that have RFID or other wireless technology-enabled. It falls on you to enjoy the convenience of RFID as well as keep in mind the dangers it comes with.

Criminals can steal your personal information and use it for their, mostly illegal, benefits.

Stay informed and invest in the best RFID blocking wallets in India, listed by Khojdeal.

Many wallet manufacturers have started introducing RFID blocking wallets in many colors, shapes and materials. If you always want to keep your credit card and ID safe, you should buy an RFID blocking wallet and reduce the risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about RFID Blocking Wallets

Do I need a RFID blocking wallet?

If your card has that familiar radio wave symbol or is one of the following – Visa PayWave, MasterCard PayPass, American Express ExpressPay or Discover Zip, then yes, you might need an anti theft wallet RFID blocking wallet.

How does RFID blocking wallet work?

Aluminum foil is a good choice to store the food. Aluminum foil is also ideal when it comes to the inner workings of an RFID wallet. The foil made of the light metal shields the radio traffic with a reader.

The aluminum foil acts like a kind of protective wall and all cards in your wallet are safely stored.

RFID blocking wallets impede radio signals from your RFID enabled credit cards, making them harder to read remotely while inside the RFID blocking wallet. In places where RFID skimming is a threat, research suggests, RFID work quite well in keeping private information private.

Do RFID blocking wallets ruin credit cards?

RFID blocking wallets make reading card details impossible for criminals. They do not affect the functionality of credit cards but only prevent theft.

How far can my data be stolen?

Many people imagine the thief holding his cell phone directly to your wallet to get your data. Unfortunately, criminals have it much easier. You don’t even have to be in sight to get your data. Data theft is also possible without problems from a distance of approximately 9 meters.

Are all credit cards RFID-enabled?

No. Contactless credit and EC cards are particularly affected by this problem because they have a corresponding chip. If you have never tried contactless payment before, your cards may contain such a chip without you being aware of it.

How much space does an RFID wallet offer?

It depends on which model you choose. Inexpensive RFID wallets save either on the quality of the protective layer or on the size of the wallet. So think carefully about how many cards you should fit in your new wallet and plan a little space for additional cards.

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