17 Best Clothing Brands For Men You Can Invest In

When you want to dress well, a question inevitably arises: what are the best clothing brands for men? The answer will inevitably vary from person to person, according to individual tastes. The best clothing brands for men come in a range of prices and styles. Getting acquainted with the world’s greatest men’s clothing designers can help you find your personal style no matter how old or young.

From high fashion and luxury brands, like Gucci and Armani, to trendy, modern and casual clothing companies, like H&M, there are all kinds of different menswear brands. Whether you’re looking for the hottest men’s clothing brands in India or the trendiest clothing line, this list of the best clothing brands for men has something for everyone.

So, to help you find your way around, here are the 17 best clothing brands for men that you’ve probably come across sometime or other. The following classification has been established according to: product quality and value for money.

Best Clothing Brands For Men

We know it can be difficult to find good quality clothes. There are so many clothing brands today. Some are worth it, others less. Not easy to choose. Here is our solution: A selection of the best clothing brands for men for each type of clothing.

1. Levi’s


LEVI’S is one of the best clothing brands for men in India. It was started in 1853 under the name Levi Strauss & Co. and is now known as Levi’s brand. It is an American clothing company, available in 100 countries around the world, including India. It has more than 400 stores spread across 200 cities and cities worldwide.

Levi started its business in India in 1995 and is currently one of the most well-developed and well-known Indian clothing brands. It has a range of products for all ages and both men as well as women and their shirts, trousers, jeans and sweaters. With a strong brand image, the company has dominated the denim world since its inception.

2. Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans

PEPE JEANS is one of the most popular clothing brands yet emerged in a very short time. Pepe Jeans, famous for their casual jeans, was established in 1973 in London.

The CEO, Carlos Ortega owns more than 20% of the company. Pepe Jeans has to offer high-end products such as shirts, jeans, coats, etc. for men, women, and children, making it an all-time favorite brand of Youngsters for its funky style denim.

3. Van Heusen

Van Heusen

Van Heusen is an American clothing company that is a complete clothing brand for both men and women. The company is not outdated in the Indian market, it was founded in 2006. However, it had created a good market.

Van Heusen has incorporated all types of clothing such as formal wear, casual wear, party wear and formal wear with the latest touch of fashion.

4. Flying Machine

Flying Machine

FLYING MACHINE was launched in 1980, especially for the youngsters who are always crazy for fashion. Flying Machine is a very popular clothing brand in India for its unique collection. They provide a very comfortable collection that you can wear on your official daily wear or even on some special occasions.

They not only cater to clothes such as trousers, sweaters, shirts, jackets, etc., but they also have a very good collection of accessories, such as purses, belts, etc.

5. Adidas


From clothing to shoes and accessories, the Adidas catalog is extremely vast: if you are looking for equipment to practice your favorite sport, you will be served.

On the streetwear side, some pieces can be worn in an advanced and controlled outfit. However, the majority of the clothes offered have no stylistic interest. Often, they will be pieces that are difficult to carry, loaded with ostentatious slogans and logos.

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6. Diesel


Diesel was founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978. It is the forerunner of new denim with an aged look. Washing, polishing and wear are part of the DNA of the house.

Positioned in the high-end niche, the brand experienced tremendous growth in the 90s. It then diversified into various products: shoes, leather goods, jewelry, glasses, watches, perfume to become one of the best clothing brands for men.

7. GAP


The very famous fast fashion brand Gap was founded in 1969 in San Francisco by the Fisher couple. It was because Daniel and Doris Fisher struggled to get hold of jeans with fitted cuts (for the time) that the idea of ​​starting their own store came about. In 1969, the brand was selling vinyls and Levi’s jeans, so it was directly addressing American youth.

By 1973, the brand had already done so well that it already had 25 stores across the United States. It was a year later that Gap went from being a distributor to that of a full-fledged brand.

Boasting a slightly chic image in the 1990s, the brand spreads more and more and ends up encountering difficulties in the 2000s, which cost it its place as world leader in the clothing market.

8. H&M


H&M, for Hennes & Mauritz, is a Swedish company founded in 1947. Its success begins in the 2000s, when the “fast-fashion” model triumphs with ubiquitous marketing.

Since 2006, online sales have enabled H&M to develop even more, now establishing itself on all continents of the planet through a staggering number of 3,900 stores. Having become the symbol of mass consumption and cheap fashion, H&M is today one of the main textile behemoths.

H&M offers absolutely everything: clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. and in all styles ranging from Dark / Rock to Casual chic. You will find there for a very low price a great majority of the “trendy” pieces of the season, copied from the collections of the great creators or directly resulting from collaborations with them.

9. Lacoste


Lacoste is a French mid-range ready-to-wear brand for women, men and children. In addition to its iconic polo shirt, it offers complete collections, from footwear to outerwear, including perfume.

Founded in 1933 by industrialist André Gillier and tennis champion René Lacoste, the brand is today recognized worldwide through its logo: the crocodile, taken from the nickname of René Lacoste. The latter launched the brand by inventing the iconic Lacoste polo shirt in order to be able to offer clothing suitable for playing tennis.

10. Lee


Like Levi’s and Wrangler, Lee is one of the three pioneering denim brands. Founded in 1889 at the instigation of industrialist Henry David Lee, the company began slowly by supplying many products to American workers: hand tools, work clothes, food, etc.

It was in 1911, when the working-class world was booming, that the company began to specialize in denim. Taking advantage of war orders from 1917, the company expanded throughout the United States.

Since 1945, Lee has been one of the world’s leading jeans manufacturers and is part of the “big three” club along with Levi’s and Wrangler. Innovative in its washes and the construction of its pieces, the brand is now widely distributed while constituting one of the sure values ​​of the so particular universe of vintage denim found in thrift stores.

11. New Balance

New Balance

Founded in 1906, the New Balance brand was initially renowned for the quality of its orthopedic insoles (it then developed insoles to support the arch of the foot). It was not until 1925 that New Balance entered the world of sports, especially athletics.

In 1961, New Balance launched its legendary model: the trackster (the first sports shoe where it is possible to choose the width of the foot). The success is dazzling and makes New Balance a must-have brand.

It is only recently that the brand has focused on the development of a lifestyle line, popular with sneakers addicts: sports-inspired shoes, for urban looks, with the use of a multitude of materials and colors.

12. Puma


Puma is a German brand founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler after his professional separation from his brother Adolf (founder of Adidas). The brand originally produced sports shoes, to become today the third world leader in sports equipment, behind Nike and Adidas.

Present in more than 120 countries around the world, Puma now offers an entire sportswear wardrobe, historically focusing on football, athletics, and more recently motor sports (formula 1, GP2 series).

13. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Thomas Jacob Hilfiger entered the world of fashion at a very young age by opening his first boutique when he was not yet an adult. Fifteen years later, he founded Tommy Hilfiger Inc, which produced the now famous tricolor brand. Tommy Hilfiger offers all kinds of casual clothing: shirts, chinos, sweaters, polo shirts, etc. with a strong preppy inspiration.

The brand became known through flashy advertising campaigns. In the words of the designer, the brand wants to be “cooler than Ralph [Lauren]”, “less sexy than Calvin [Klein]” and “more affordable than Perry [Ellis]”.

14. Under Armor

Under Armor

Under Armor is an American brand of sports equipment and clothing created in 1996 by Kevin Plank and Kip Fulks, two former American football players at the University of Maryland.

It was from Kevin Plank’s grandmother’s cellar in Washington, DC that the brand’s entrepreneurial adventure was launched. The co-founder will not hesitate to ensure the transport of his products himself by surveying the American east coast by car.

Under Armor thus arrives on the market with an innovative offer: a technical t-shirt that wicks away perspiration, an unprecedented product at the time. Since then, the company has managed to maintain a brand image combining advanced technology and performance, not hesitating to challenge certain giants of the sector such as Nike.

15. United Colors of Benetton (UCB)

United Colors of Benetton

Founded in 1965 by the eponymous family, United Colors of Benetton is an Italian entry-level ready-to-wear brand belonging to the Benetton group. The brand quickly internationalized, and today has points of sale in France (nearly twenty of which around ten in the Paris region), in Italy, in Germany, in North America and even in India.

Known for its colorful basics, United Colors of Benetton offers clothing for women, men and children. The pieces are mainly casual: knits, t-shirts, pants, accessories, etc. all without moderation on the mixtures of colors.

16. Wrangler


Wrangler is one of the three jeans’ pioneers, along with Lee and Levi’s. American in origin, the brand was created in 1947, and the functional details introduced at the time are still present.

We thus find the 7 best belt loops for jeans, which has the effect of keeping the pants in place better (historical detail linked to equestrian practice, Wrangler particularly targeting cowboys in his early days).

It is also one of the rare brands to use “broken twill” (weaving with a specific weave), which limits the twist of the fabric around the leg and provides more comfort than a classic denim fabric.

17. Raymond


Incepted in 1925, Raymond is a brand that’s synonymous with Trust, Quality and Excellence. It offers an exquisite range of shirting and suiting fabrics across a plethora of options such as Worsted fabrics, Cotton, Wool blends, Linen and Denim.

The brand also offers ready to wear apparel brands such as Park Avenue, Raymond Ready To Wear ColorPlus, Parx and Ethnix. Having pioneered the innovative concept of customized clothing, ‘Raymond Made To Measure’ offers luxurious service to discerning customers to personalize their ensemble.

How to choose your brand of men’s clothing?

How to choose your brand of men's clothing

It is good to have consistency in life. Advertisers love the concept of “brand” because it sells consistency: it tells you not to just buy a car, but buy a Honda. You always like Hondas.

It is a pleasant and comfortable feeling of security for which you will pay an extra in case it is sold to you. This is something important. If a company makes a product in a way that you really like, it will be a pleasure to buy from that manufacturer when you need something new. And clothing is no exception …

When you find a brand that looks good on you without requiring too many modifications, buying designer men’s clothing is much more relaxing (and cheaper, because you won’t have to spend money on tailoring the clothes). Now, how can you find the right brand for you?

There are many people who are faced with a saturation problem when it comes to looking for designer clothes for men. In particular, the market is literally full of thousands of names and brands, and that leaving aside the best-known designers.

Among all those options, how can you find the best clothing brands for men that you can trust in general, rather than for a single garment that you have tried in a store?

How to find your ideal menswear brand?

How to find your ideal menswear brand

Given all these issues, how can you find a brand that you like? Limiting yourself to finding a single garment of your liking is not a sufficient guarantee to buy another from the same brand again.


Knowing what makes branded men’s clothing desirable (that is, measurable factors) is a good way to be pickier about what you buy. In this sense, the most important thing is that you know what are the settings, the types of fabric and the styles that you like the most.

Don’t be afraid to start by going to luxury stores to try on men’s clothing brands that you can’t afford. It’s good to know how quality products feel, so you have a benchmark to compare the most affordable brands.

In this way, if, for example, you are looking for men’s shirts from different brands, you will be able to compare them with the one that you have tried on in the luxury store to determine their quality.

Buy in batches and with a tape measure

Try not to think of shopping for clothes as something you have to do in a hurry. So, plan your visit to the main clothing stores that you can go to in one day and take your measurements first.

There are plenty of guides available on the Internet on how to take your measurements, and it is recommended that you take note of them in as much detail as possible.

So, don’t limit yourself to the ones most basic brands wear (waist and rise for pants, and sleeve and collar for shirts).

Take a tape measure with you (one that is soft and flexible like those used by tailors, not the metal rolls that carpenters carry) and use it to compare the internal measurements of the garments with those of your body that you noted earlier.

It is also worth taking the measurements of the clothes you have and that they fit really well. Knowing the size of brand clothing for men that you like the most will help you find clothes with the same cut.

Expand your search

Go through all the stores that you have available and see what they offer. Write down the menswear brands that fit you (if any) and keep them in mind.

Then go online and start searching. You should focus on pages that offer flexible return and exchange policies. In this way, you can try things on and return them as needed and without paying shipping costs.

There are a lot of brands that will not have a physical presence near where you live, but will sell online.

And as long as it is functionally free to try on your clothes, it is worth checking that there is not a brand that sells only online and that you prefer over the options with a physical store near where you live.

Over time, if you focus on a specific type of branded men’s clothing, you will find websites and forums specifically focused on that style.

There are user communities, pages to share offers, auction websites and much more. In this way, you will expand your options and have more opportunities to find a brand to be faithful to.


It is necessary to bet on quality materials when choosing ready-to-wear. Not all men’s clothing brands are as reliable as they seem. To give you an idea of ​​the brands that appeal to this increasingly demanding world, follow the guide we’ve shared above of the best men’s clothing brands in India.

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